A self-paced multi-media course in eBook form which will launch you on an exciting process of creative discovery.

Learn playful mixed media painting and collage techniques combined with meditation and writing to encourage that wise and soulful intuitive voice and open new doors to creative expression.

You will find:

An introduction to the Muse Group practice: how to access creative flow through playful art making combined with meditation and writing.
A complete materials list to equip your art space for play.
Audio meditation instructions which you can use to get in a relaxed state before art making.
Eleven detailed mixed media art lessons including: Inks and Gesso, Rorschach Painting, Cave Painting, Image Transfer, Memory Mapping, Antiquing Paper, Metallic Look with Foil Collage and more.
Three demonstration videos of art play lessons
Detailed instructions for making your own art journal books
A Facebook group to give you a forum for sharing images and ideas with others who are participating in the course.

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Conversations with the Muse: The Art Journal as Inner Guide

This book is a celebration of the creative spirit through the practice of art journaling. My own art journals from the past six years serve as examples of how personal revelation and healing art are cultivated through this process. The reader is guided through the steps including: accessing a quiet state of mind, translating inner feelings and visions to paper, employing a wide array of painting and collage techniques, and writing expressively to reap vibrant meaning from the images appearing this spontaneous manner. The colorful images, materials, techniques, and written words combine for a rich feast for the imagination.

The book is available online at the Blurb bookstore in both soft and hardcover editions. If you live in the Santa Rosa/Sebastopol area, email me if you are interested in picking up a signed softcover copy.

You can see a preview of the book by clicking here.



The Great Hiss , as told by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda and illustrated by Susan Cornelis

A classic Indian fable set in the countryside featuring an arrogant old snake who transforms from town bully into a practitioner of nonviolence.

The Great Hiss is available for sale on Amazon.