In the Company of Muses on the iPad

In the Company of Muses was not developed specifically as an iPad app, rather it was conceived of as an eBook to use on your laptop or desktop computer. However, it should be possible to use it on your iPad, though with some minor differences.

You will need to get both the main PDF file and, optionally, the Meditation Instructions MP3 files onto your iPad. There are many ways to do this including emailing them to yourself, syncing your iPad and your computer through iTunes, Dropbox or even purchasing and downloading the package directly onto the iPad through your browser.

Once on the iPad, you can use one of the many apps that are able to open and read PDF files, including the free iBooks app that comes with the iPad. Each app has it's own navigation model and you may have to read the instructions for each app to use them properly. We have not tested every app, but have opened and tested the product in iBooks, Adobe Reader and ReaddleDocs. We have tested purchasing the product from the iPad and choosing ReaddleDocs to download and open the product. Other combinations may cause variable results.

There are a couple of unique restrictions when running on the iPad that we have found:

The navigation links in the footer bar do not work. You can use the reader app navigation or the iPad's navigation (page swipes) to move around in the book.

For some "early adopters" you will not be able to play the Meditation Instructions from the link in the PDF file. You could put it in iTunes and play it from there or some apps may allow you to play it directly as a separate file (ReaddleDocs, for example). Or you could double-click on it in the Windows or Macinstosh operating system to play it.

We quickly fixed this issue by causing the meditation instructions to stream from a website, just as the videos do, so now clicking on the link in the PDF will open a browser window where you can play the instructions.

It is beyond our scope to provide you specific support for using In the Company of Muses on your iPad. There are too many different apps and ways of managing filesin that environmentfor us to offer solutions if problems are encountered.

We have done enough testing to demonstrate that the product does work on the iPad in multiple apps and that you will be able to have a virtually complete experience with it.