The Paintings of Susan Cornelis


"I paint from a longing to give form to what is hidden, even to me, until I paint it."

The magical paintings of Susan Cornelis come from a fertile imagination, constant refinement of craft, and a contemplative spirit that watches the inner life unfold through her art.

There is much to enjoy in the rich textural surface she creates with recognizable natural landscape features in improbable juxtaposition with more fabricated lines. A wind often blows through her paintings, carrying pieces airborne, breaking them away from the safety of former structures. Yet the same paintings offer containers for this movement; dams, nests, golden bowers and river eddies where one might come to rest.

Her paintings move back and forth between the opposing forces of motion and stillness, freedom and confinement, the natural world and the man made one. She achieves the structure of a vibrant design while celebrating the serendipitous marks that speak the language of nature's patterns.

Cornelis has always sought ways to look behind the veil of "reality" by studying psychology and spiritual teachings. Her love of nature and family heritage drew her to Norway where she studied and lived for two years. Later she was drawn to India to stay at an ashram and practice meditation and the traditional music. To this day meditation, writing, music, and dance are integral components of her art making.